June 16, 2003

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Hopkins Medicine Appoints Four New Vice Presidents

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The Johns Hopkins Medicine Board of Trustees has appointed four women already in leadership roles as vice presidents. They are Elaine Freeman, Vice President for Corporate Communications; Toby A. Gordon, Sc.D., Vice President for Strategic Planning and Market Research; Judy A. Reitz, Sc.D., Vice President for Quality Improvement, and Linda Robertson, Vice President for Government Affairs and Community Relations. "Their appointments reflect the importance of their current work, as well as some reorganization intended to strengthen operations," according to Edward D. Miller, M.D., Dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Ronald R. Peterson, President of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins Health System and Executive Vice President of Hopkins Medicine.

Freeman has served as executive director of communications and public affairs for more than two decades. Her office will now be responsible for marketing communications and for more strategic integration of Internet efforts, in addition to its traditional responsibilities related to media relations, corporate and employee communications, publications, special projects and the Web.

Gordon has been the Johns Hopkins Health System's Vice President for Planning and Marketing since 1993. She has played an increasingly important role in integrating the planning for all Hopkins Medicine organizations and departments, according to Miller and Peterson. "By separating the market research functions of her office from the demands related to implementation of strategies, we are acknowledging the importance of a data-driven focus in setting priorities that dictate much of what we do," they said in a letter to employees.

Reitz already wears the hats of executive vice president and chief operating officer of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and vice president for operations integration of the Johns Hopkins Health System. Over the past few years, she has organized a quality improvement program for Hopkins Medicine that has helped to integrate important initiatives related not just to business functions, but to service excellence and a culture that puts patient safety first. She will be expanding that role across Hopkins Medicine.

Robertson joined The Johns Hopkins University last fall as Vice President for Government, Community and Public Affairs after a distinguished career at the Treasury Department in Washington. "Her appointment as an officer of Johns Hopkins Medicine reflects our commitment to the coordination of efforts on behalf of all the Johns Hopkins Institutions in dealing with our communities and with elected and appointed officials at every level of government," Miller and Peterson said. At Hopkins Medicine, however, she will not have responsibility for public affairs, which will remain with corporate communications.

"We suspect that many of you may be surprised to learn that these four women were not already officers of Johns Hopkins Medicine, as they have functioned in such highly visible leadership roles," Miller and Peterson concluded in their letter to employees.

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