November 18, 1997
Media Contact: Gary Stephenson
Phone: (410)955-5384

It's medical education for the electronic age. For the last 40 years, Johns Hopkins Medical Grand Rounds have covered topics ranging from weight loss in elderly men and the complications of prosthetic heart valves to pancreatic cancer and advances in the treatment of Wegener's granulomatosis. Throughout that time, hundreds of physicians, residents and medical students have attended the popular Saturday morning presentations.

Now, thanks to advances in communications technology, physicians from around the world can use the Internet to "attend" these Grand Rounds wherever they are by using their personal computers. Since Internet transmission of the Grand Rounds began in September, doctors from Venezuela, Brazil, India, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Canada and other countries are logging on to learn the latest in medical challenges and advances.

"Hopkins' commitment to medical education goes back to the era of Sir William Osler, a renowned clinician and teacher and first professor of medicine and physician-in-chief at Hopkins," says William Schlott, M.D., director of the rounds. "Our objective is to provide users with a program that is clinically and scientifically informative, educational and enjoyable."

The Internet audience can listen to the live presentation, view illustrative slides and submit questions by e-mail. Archived sessions are accessible at any time.

To interview Schlott about this new twist to medical education or to sample the rounds using the Internet, call Gary Stephenson at 410-955-5384.

To log onto the live or archived presentations, go to the Web site at www.audionet.com/edu/jhmr. The Web site has instructions on how to download the RealAudio Player software. A soundcard and at least 14.4bps Internet connection are necessary.

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