April 4, 1997
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Edward D. Miller Jr., M.D., new dean of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, has named four new members of his Dean's Office. All were part of a team that worked smoothly with him while he served as interim dean.

Miller, who also directs the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, noted that his appointees helped him juggle responsibilities for the department, the Dean's Office and Johns Hopkins Medicine. "We all wore multiple hats and this kept us anchored in the real world of activities related to patient care, teaching and research," he said. "I liked the results so much that I have formalized the team." The new appointments, effective April 1, 1997, are as follows:

Elias Zerhouni, M.D., will serve as executive vice dean, vice dean for clinical affairs, president of the Clinical Practice Association -- and director of the Department of Radiology. Spending half time in Radiology and half time in the Dean's Office, he will oversee clinical activities and help develop and execute strategies for Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Steve Thompson, Miller's administrator in anesthesiology, will be vice dean for administration 70 percent of his time and anesthesiology administrator the other 30 percent.

Carey Kriz, special assistant to the Dean/CEO, will work on completing business ventures, as he did for American Radiology Services.

Christine White will become assistant dean for medicine. She has served as executive assistant to three Hopkins deans (two in Medicine and one in Public Health).

Miller emphasized that his appointments were guided by the need to assemble a team that could deal successfully with the day-to-day activities of operating a major medical center while at the same time strategically confronting new challenges brought about by the shift toward managed care. "By the very nature of these appointments, I've made clear that mine will be a hands-on, in-the-trenches, get-it-done-now administration," Miller said. "With all that's at stake for the School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Medicine during this era of profound change in health care, we have no other choice but to put together the best leadership team available. And this is what I have done."

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