September 24, 1996
Media Contact: Michael Purdy
Phone: (410) 955-8725

Johns Hopkins scientists searching for genes that contribute to schizophrenia are conducting a new study of the Ashkenazi Jewish community. Although schizophrenia doesn't occur more often in this group, Ashkenazi Jews often marry within their faith. This may make it easier for scientists to track the flow of genes between generations. If you're an Ashkenazi Jew and you or someone you know has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, please call Dr. Ann Pulver toll-free at 1-888-289-4095.

If you or someone you know has schizophrenia and is an Ashkenazi Jew, please consider contacting Johns Hopkins about a new study on the causes of schizophrenia. You and your family may be able to help scientists find genes that contribute to this disorder. Call Dr. Ann Pulver toll-free at 1-888-289-4095.

Johns Hopkins researchers studying schizophrenia would like to talk to Ashkenazi Jews whose family members have schizophrenia. Call Hopkins at 1-888-289-4095.

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