June 21, 1996
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An executive medical-business graduate certificate program introduced at The Johns Hopkins University in 1994 to teach health care professionals the ins and outs of the medical marketplace was awarded first place in the 1996 National University Continuing Education Association's Innovative Program Awards Competition.

The 12-credit program was designed by the Hopkins School of Medicine and School of Continuing Studies/ Division of Business to explore managed care with an emphasis on its costs, access and quality from the perspective of physicians and other health care providers. More than 200 graduate students have enrolled in the program since its inception.

The complexity of managing patient care stems in part from the many facets of the medical community: insurance, business, government and individuals -- all of whom are affected differently by change and have varying opinions on solutions to the problems. The issues warrant examination from every perspective and are addressed in four courses under the program.

Instrumental in the program's development were: Catherine D. DeAngelis, M.D., School of Medicine vice dean for academic affairs; David P. Heaphy, Ph.D., assistant dean and director of the school's Office of Continuing Education; Stanley C. Gabor, J.D., director of the University's School of Continuing Education, and Patricia D. Wafer, M.A.S., senior program director in the University's School of Continuing Education.

"Our initial concept was to help our physicians make meaningful and effective links between business applications and medical care delivery," DeAngelis said in explaining her school's interest and involvement, "to play an influential and active role in structuring and maintaining a new health care system."

But some medical students found the situation daunting. Heaphy noted that many told him they didn't understand some accounting balance sheets or entire business systems.

With that, the School of Medicine turned to the School of Continuing Studies for assistance and a collaborative effort produced the new step-by-step program that prescribes proper doses of knowledge for medicine's business side. To date, the majority of enrollees have been physicians in academic medicine, private practice, HMOs or community hospitals.

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