February 24, 1994
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The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Atlantic Medical Services Inc. (MAMSI), owner of MDIPA, Optimum Choice and Alliance PPO, have entered into agreements that will make it easier for patients to be referred to Johns Hopkins specialists.

Under terms of the contracts, all MAMSI patients have an option to seek care from physicians on the faculty of the School of Medicine and to arrange admission to The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Access is assured and adheres to MAMSI standard procedure for referrals to specialty care.

With more than 950,000 members in the Baltimore-Washington area, MAMSI is the largest managed-care organization of its kind in the region. MDIPA is the largest health maintenance organization, or HMO, in the state. Some 450,000 of MAMSIs members are in Maryland.

"No matter which health-care reform laws ultimately are passed at the state or federal level, managed-care agreements will play a critical role for patients and physicians in the years ahead," according to John D. Stobo, M.D., senior associate dean for clinical science and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Hopkins. "Our goal as always, is to make certain that patients have the widest possible access to our expertise and our facilities."

The School of Medicine and Hopkins Hospital have been contracting with selected managed-care organizations throughout the area to assure patient and referring physician access to specialty care by Hopkins physicians. In addition to MAMSI other managed-care organizations that routinely refer to Johns Hopkins for all specialties include Prudential Health Care Plan, Affordable Health Networks, CAPP Care and CFS Health Group (CareFirst, Free State, Potomac Health and Delmarva). The Hospital and School of Medicine also have agreements for selected organ transplant services or other procedures with numerous other insurers.

For further information about managed-care contracts, call Nancy Bray (The Johns Hopkins Hospital, 410-614-1780) or Rebecca Kritzler, R.N. (The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 410-955.9626.)

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