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an online version of the magazine Spring/Summer 2007

Extra, Extra!

For our first web extra, all jazzed up.


asking for money... with reluctance

Four or five years ago, at the conferences I attended for university magazine editors, the future for print magazines seemed bleak. Look for alumni magazines to go the way of the dinosaur, the predictions went, as readers increasingly turn to the Web for all their alma mater news.

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened ... yet. For now, it appears that most alumni value the reading experience they get with a well-produced print magazine. But where the Web does seem to be gaining traction among alumni is in extending the magazine reading experience.

We’ve been eager to explore this path, and with this issue we’ve found the perfect story with which to make our “Web extra” debut. “Music on the Mind,” p. 18, spotlights the work of “music-addicted” otolaryngologist Charles Limb. You’ll see a still shot of him playing his sax in our table of contents. Log on to hopkinsmedicinemagazine.com and this static image will come to life—with video footage of Limb performing some of his favorite jazz riffs.

Our Web extra also includes a short interview with the cochlear implant surgeon, in which he talks more about his imaging research of the brain “on jazz.” We’ll even take you inside the fMRI machine, as he replicates experiments he conducted with his musical test subjects.

Have we succeeded in enhancing your reading experience? I’d love to find out. Please drop me an e-mail at sdepasq1@jhmi.edu. Meanwhile, have a lovely summer...


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