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Stefanie's New Year's Miracle
Desperate to save 11-year-old Stefanie Allen from certain death, surgeon Steve Yang tried a version of a lung transplant never used before.
By Mat Edelson

The HPV Warriors
An unlikely trio of researchers has built a vaccine that attacks the virus responsible for the No. 2 killer of womenócervical
By Anne Bennett Swingle


So That's Why Emergency Departments Are So Busy... The Kid with All the Answers... Out There Fighting Infections with Trish Perl... Interrupting the Agony Every Day at Noon... Trabilsy Reflects on All Those Applicants, All That Talent... Cap An Attitude... Academia Enters the 'hood... Blalock and Taussig May Be Gone, But Their Plants Live On


From Physician to Change Agent in
Several Finely Tuned Lessons

The Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program teaches young physicians how to shake up the status quo in American health care.
By Elaine Weiss


The Booming Business of Keeping M.D.'s Current
What started as a cottage industry has blossomed into the nation's largest self-supporting continuing medical education enterprise.
By Mat Edelson

Post Op   Sparrow's Point

Thoughts From the Dean.
Health Care on TV More Real than In Political Platforms
"...itís been a bit of a jolt to read columns
by television critics comparing a series
about my institution to 'Survivor' and
'Big Brother.'"
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.


Ruminations on life as a pediatric resident.
Glimpses of Beauty
I canít believe Iíve waited so long to see what goes on in PT/OT, to recognize how these caregivers, including the child life therapists, contribute to the lives of these children."
By Melissa Sparrow

Edward D. Miller, M.D.   Melissa Sparrow