Fall 2000

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The Booming Business of
Keeping M.D.'s Current

By Mat Edelson | Photographs by Bill Denison

What started out as a cottage industry among a few Hopkins professors in the early '70s has blossomed into the nation's largest self-supporting continuing medical education enterprise.

A lie Ghazal laughs at his own naivete. It only took him two years of practice to realize that earning an M.D. was no guarantee of lucrative employment. "I started realizing in my second year out of medical school how hard it is to get a job," says Ghazal, who speaks in a soft, musical voice that carries just a trace of his childhood roots in Lebanon. Despite a fine record at Loma Linda Medical School and a residency in internal medicine at Kettering Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, Ghazal found himself facing a saturated job market in the Dayton area, where he wanted to practice. Finally, he turned to a temporary physician placement agency that found him a job at a 50-bed hospital in tiny Circleville, Ohio.

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From Physician to Change Agent
in Several Finely Tuned Lessons

By Elaine Weiss

For 25 years at a handful of medical schools, the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program has been teaching young physicians how to shake up the status quo in our nation's health care system.

M tís noontime and the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars are sitting around a conference room table, munching tuna fish sandwiches and glimpsing their future. The view, even from this windowless Carnegie Building room, is remarkable.

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