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In a Sea of White Faces

By Kate Ledger

For black medical students, getting into Hopkins is only the first step. Amid the rigors of training, they find themselves navigating the subtleties of life as a racial minority.

tephen Nurse-Findlay remembers the precise moment he knew where he wanted to go to medical school. Sixteen years old in 1987, living in Trinidad, he had flicked on the TV just in time to catch the news from America about an unprecedented operation separating Siamese twins joined at the head.

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The 200-pound defibrillator.

The Engineer Who Could

By Janet Farrar Worthington

Jolting a dying heart back to life became an actuality thanks to a Hopkins dean who made medicine his second career.

In a century marked by unprecedented medical accomplishments, it is perhaps the most staggering achievement of all: The discovery that a stopped heart--once the definition of death--can be made to beat again.

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