Spring/Summer 2002
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Pediatric Trauma CenterTop Story
Out of the Valley of Death
The one place in the state of Maryland where a parent wants a severely injured child is in the Pediatric Trauma Center. Now, the trauma center could use some help from the state.
By Anne Bennett Swingle

Goodbye to All That
His feisty manner, his reverence for the past and his drive for perfection have come to symbolize surgery at Hopkins. Now, after 18 years, John Cameron is stepping down as department head.
By Anne Bennet Swingle
Where a Mind Could Find Itself Again
Artfully designed to heighten emotional healing, Phipps Psychiatric Clinic once was also derided for its excesses.
By Anne Bennett Swingle

Singapore Surprise
When a Chinese-American cancer researcher got a chance to move his lab and his family to the Far East, he was faced with one tough decision.
By Kate Ledger

They Gave it All up for Medicine
Two fourth-year medical students explain why they traded high-paying jobs on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley to go back to school and become doctors.

John Cameron   The famous Phipps Clinic   Singapore   Dan Mollura and Colleen Johnson
Medical Updates Campus News
Finally a Way to Get Rid of A-Fib…Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's…Joy Yang's Powerful Flecks of Lint…The Neurosurgeon's a Woman…A Driven Surgeon Moves in on the Diabetic Foot…The Stroke-inducing Hole in the Heart The Puzzling Deaths of Three Top Doctors…Miss America Tunes into the World…When Researchers Have a Stake in Clinical Trials…Hospitalists…Face Time with Paul White
Robert Montgomery with his patient, Alan Goody Heather Whitestone
Post Op The Learning Curve
Thoughts From the Dean.
In Billings' Footsteps
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.
Ruminations on life as a medical student..
One Rainy Day with Trauma
By Dan Munoz
Edward D. Miller, M.D. Dan Munoz