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Top Story   Medical Updates   Campus News
Big Man in Genes
Even school children, says Aravinda Chakravarti, need to understand how genetics will change medicine. An interview.
By Gillian McCallion
Treatments for Disc Problems... Bringing Ryan Back... Two New Lungs... Fixing Knees... A Weapon for Hepatitis C

Hopkins Most Colossal Gift... The Pentagon, 9/11... The Next Threat... D.A.'s New Job... A New Gadget for M.D.s... Rocky Times for International... Roche Settlement... Class of '05... Out of the OR, Into the Kitchen... The Rush for the Ph.D.

Aravinda Chakravarti   Dr. Tony Avellino with Ryan Kupfer   Sharaf Saleh (left), Middle East patient services manager
Mending Paralysis
A vibrant woman stricken with ALS and a young neurology researcher both rest their hopes in the curative powers of stem cells.
By Anne Bennett Swingle and
Marjorie Centofanti
  She Thawed His Icy Heart
The austere and reserved William Halsted has been recast — thanks to a set of recently discovered letters to a woman 40 years his junior.
By Anne Bennett Swingle
Laurie Russell - A Woman With ALS   William Halsted
Post Op   Sparrow's Point

Thoughts From the Dean.
Balancing Compliance with Creativity
"We must learn to facilitate discovery by an extraordinary faculty and comply with regulatory demands pushing at us."
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.


Ruminations on life as a pediatric resident.
An Overwhelming Need to Grieve
"The morning after the attack it was business as usual on the hospital wards."
By Melissa Sparrow

Edward D. Miller, M.D.   Melissa Sparrow