Winter 2002

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Mending Paralysis

By Anne Bennett Swingle and Marjorie Centofanti
Photographs by Keith Weller

A vibrant woman stricken with ALS and a young neurology researcher both rest their hopes in the curative powers of stem cells.

More than 350 times a year, Jeff Rothstein diagnoses a case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. Patients come from around the world to see this neurologist. Sometimes they arrive for a consultation; sometimes they come because they hope to get in on a clinical trial of a new drug. On the last day of July 2000, the patient sitting across from Rothstein was a 54-year-old woman from Baltimore, named Laurie Russell.

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She Thawed His Icy Heart

By Anne Bennett Swingle

A recently discovered packet of letters reveals that William Halsted — formidable, reserved and austere — may have been anything but.

Every so often, a slice of Hopkins history appears on the landscape that casts an altogether new light on old preconceptions. That is what happened when the staff of Hopkins' Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives came across a small collection of letters written between 1918 and 1921 by none other than William Halsted, the world-famous first director of surgery. "It was the first new information we'd had on Dr. Halsted in 30 years," says John Cameron.

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