Winter 2001

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Phase One

By Rebecca Skloot

Cynthia Dunafon knows that taking part in a beginning trial of gene therapy for cystic fibrosis won't cure her. What she's hoping is that it will help her escape a lung transplant.

A n a room full of painted butterflies, Dalmatians and paw prints, Cynthia Dunafon sits at a table with a steady stream of clear liquid dripping from her nose into a towel. Dunafon stares into the vanishing puddle, then blows on the drips so they slide off her nose rather than into her mouth. Meanwhile, an ABC camerawoman shifts her weight from one foot to the other, a reminder that this awkward moment is being captured for the world to see as “Fighting for Breath,” part of a series on the Discovery Health Channel that takes viewers inside Johns Hopkins.

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Where The Past Lives

By Anne Bennett Swingle | Photographs by Keith Weller

In neatly catalogued boxes in Hopkins' Medical Archives lie faded letters, photographs and documents from long-ago physicians. Without them, much of the story of 20th-century medicine would be lost.

M n the winter of 1963, 20 four-drawer, vertical file cabinets, 60 document cases and dozens of small containers were handed over to the School of Medicine and placed in a basement storage area. Inside were hundreds of photographs, diaries and patient records and reams of personal and professional correspondence. Many of the letters were in German, and had been written by some of the most prominent figures in early 20th-century psychiatry.

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