Winter 2001

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The Marvels of Telomerase
Working alone in her lab on Christmas Day, geneticist Carol Greider found an enzyme that targets only cancer cells. It may well get rid of the horrible side effects of chemotherapy.
By Rebecca Skloot
Biopsies and Second Opinions... Cooking Liver Tumors... Analyzing Brain Tumors... Robotic Surgery... Pacemakers and Heart Failure... Flap for Burned Faces... A New Technique for Men Who Urinate Too Often... A Step Forward in Curing Paralysis

A Guide to Getting Promoted... Bayview's Labyrinth... Residents' Wives... Pharmacists Join Rounds... Dogs Comforting Kids... Onward into the Suburbs Goes Hopkins Health Care... Remembering the Fast Track to Med School... Filling Chairmanships Faster... Basic Sciences Close Ranks... Animal Business


Phase One
Cynthia Dunafon knows that taking part in a beginning trial of gene therapy for cystic fibrosis won't cure her. What she's hoping is that it will help her escape a lung transplant.
By Rebecca Skloot
  Where the Past Lives
Without the Medical Archives' faded letters and documents, much of the story of 20th-century medicine would be lost.
By Anne Bennett Swingle
Post Op   Sparrow's Point

Thoughts From the Dean.
The Clinical Research Debate
"Academic medical center no longer have the people or the dollars to support the kind of clinical research enterprise they need.
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.


Ruminations on life as a pediatric resident.
Teetering on the Edge
...everyone teeters at one time or another on the edge of his or her own despair."
By Melissa Sparrow

Edward D. Miller, M.D.   Melissa Sparrow