Spring/Summer 2002
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Lauri Klein and her babyTop Story
Breaking the Habit
For a woman addicted to heroin, discovering she's pregnant can be what convinces her to quit. Some drug-users are finding that buprenorphone makes that easier.
By Lavina Edmunds

The Little Yellow Engine that Could
Long considered more poisonous than precious, bilirubin now appears to be one of the body's strongest weapons
By Mary Ann Ayd

Those Summers Down North
In 1907, a charismatic missionary doctor began luring Hopkins medical students to Newfoundland. One returned for a lifetime.
By Anne Bennett Swingle

Enter: The Living Medical Textbook
Huge lecture courses are being replaced by animated online videos that med students watch in their dorm rooms.
By Patrick Gilbert

Period of Adjustment
Four years ago, setting up a branch of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Singapore seemed pretty simple. It was anything but.
ByKate Ledger

Sol Snyder has an aversion to preconceived notions about how the body is supposed to work.   John Olds sailing Long Island Sound in the late 1920s.   The Living Medical Textbook   The Califanos on market day.
Medical Updates Campus News
Image-maker...Robots and Kidney Disease...Growing Knee Cartilage...A Breast Cancer Trigger...Opening Sinuses...Rebuilding the Face...Chemo-Wafers for Brain Tumors...News for the Hay Fever Crowd...Roadblock to Autoimmune Diseases...Erectile Dysfunction...Pacing Heart Failure Fresh Look at Surgery... Face Time with David Hellmann...Criminal Background Checks....In Stradivari's Footsteps...HIPAA Arrives...Stryer's Shoulders...Nice for the Animals...Time Off for Kids
Using 16-slice CT, Elliot Fishman picks up narrowing in arteries that conventional imaging could miss. There were those who told Julie Freischlag she'd never get the job.
Post Op The Learning Curve
Thoughts From the Dean.
Keys to the Vanguard
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.
Ruminations on life as a medical student..
Andy and Me in Washington, Va.
By Dan Munoz
Edward D. Miller, M.D. Dan Munoz