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Special Report: The Women of Academic Medicine

Janice Clements, Susan MacDonald, Cynthia Wolberger and Joan BathonTop Story
Poised for Power
The struggle to reach the top has proven so elusive for women in academic medicine that many abandon the climb. Now, if a group of faculty women has its way, all that will change.
By Anne Bennett Swingle

The Face of Frailty
Why do people deteriorate physically as they age? Linda Fried sent researchers into the homes of 7,000 men and women to find out.
By Mat Edelson

As more and more women become physicians, academic medicine needs an attitude adjustment when it comes to kids.
By Mary Ellen Miller

The Unknown Gertrude
She was a poet, member of the Lost Generation and a doctor — almost. Stein's sojourn at the School of Medicine lasted three and a half years.
By Kathleen Waters Sander

Lillie Mae Jones   Marion Couch, a head and neck surgeon, was married 15 years before she had time to have a baby. At almost 40, she produced twins.   Gertrude Stein
Medical Updates   Campus News
Saving a 5-Day Old... Lasik's Next Wave... When an Autopsy Makes Sense... New Approach to a Rare Blood Cancer... Cardiac Bypass and Cognitive Slump... High-tech Scopes... Finding Hidden Tumors.   M.D./Authors... Doctoring the Orioles... Olympics Fixer-uppers... Music in the OR... Zerhouni Tapped for NIH... Admissions Chaos... Ben Baker at 100... ABCs: RIP...
Doug Murphy   Keith Lilemoe
Post Op   Sparrow's Point

Thoughts From the Dean.
Pondering Gender Equality
"Helping correct the gender balance has become a personal challenge for me. There are ways in which a dean's office can make a difference."
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.


Ruminations on life as a pediatric resident.
What Davon Taught Me
"I decided, because the whole thing was just tearing me up inside, to put my sense of failure on the table."
By Melissa Sparrow

Edward D. Miller, M.D.   Melissa Sparrow