Spring/Summer 2001

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On the Trail of a Cure
Using an old drug in new ways, oncologist Rob Brodsky is treating patients with fatal autoimmune diseases—and watching their immune systems spring back to a state of complete health.
By Mat Edelson
One Tiny Cut to Replace a Hip... Conductive Hearing Loss... New Hips for Little People... Snaking Up on the Aorta... Expanding a Sunken Chest... Female Incontinence... Detecting Heart Blockage... Diagnosing Cystic Fibrosis... Epilepsy: A Molecular Link... Killing Liver Lesions

Face-lifts Even at Hopkins... Bringing Beauty to the Weinberg... Day Care, At Last... A Book on the Christ Statue... New M.D. Position... Dot Com Entrepreneur... When M.D.'s See the Doctor... The Man Who Knew Welch

Oncologist Robert Brodsky   Interventional Radiologist J.F. Geschwind   century-old statue, "Christus Consolaotr"
The Pathologist Who Struck Gold
Brooks Jackson's huge clinical trial in Uganda made him the subject of a public attack. It also cut the transmission of HIV from mother to infant by almost 50 percent.
By Anne Bennett Swingle
  Young, Eager and Scientific
For 24 years, Hopkins has paid tribute to beginning investigators, whose work breaks new pathways in science.
By Kate Ledger
Pathologist Brooks Jackson   Award winner Greg Gatto (left) in the lab with his mentor Jeremy Berg, head of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry.
Post Op   Sparrow's Point

Thoughts From the Dean.
Two Deans Mull Over Care for the Elderly
"What I've learned is that this is an area that needs more research, measurement of outcomes, on how to do it better. This, I believe, is the contribution the School of Medicine in collaboration with the School of Nursing can make."
By Edward D. Miller, M.D.
and Sue Donaldson, Ph.D., R.N.


Ruminations on life as a pediatric resident.
The Double Life of a Resident-Mom
"...my identity as a mother is always at work in my role as a pediatrician—in my way of relating to my child-patients and to their families.
By Melissa Sparrow

Hopkins Medicine Dean/CEO Edward D. Miller, M.D.   Melissa Sparrow