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Fall 2007
  PUBLISHED THREE TIMES A YEAR for alumni, faculty, parents and friends of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Hopkins Medicine magazine brings readers face to face with people, issues and events that shape one of the world's leading health care institutions. We probe into the operating rooms, venture behind the lab bench, poke into the lives of students and distinguished faculty.  
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Dr. Hal Dietz A Silver Bullet for Blake
When Marfan handed their baby a death sentence, Joe and Anita Althaus—and cardiologist Hal Dietz—refused to give up.
By Elaine Freeman
Tawam Hospital Desert Bloom
Halfway around the world, Hopkins has teamed with Tawam Hospital to create a health care gem for the Gulf region—and beyond.
By Lindsay Roylance
intern Sara Keller 'No One Dies Tonight'
Book-smart and eager to put their M.D.s to the test, the School's new residents face their first week on the job. The magazine tags along.
By Ramsey Flynn
Dr. Tang Circling the Dome
SWAT docs poised for peril. Dangerous “sticks” for residents. A sheikh’s momentous gift.
ALPHA DOCS A big fish story. ALS’s key adversary.
Medical Rounds
Move over PSA. When the Whipple may be overkill. Preventing sudden cardiac death.
Avi Kupfer Bench Press
For Avi Kupfer, seeing is believing.
Berker Annals of Hopkins
How “the firms” got their start.
By Mike Field
Where Are They Now?
Jack Stobo The Stobo Touch
The man who launched a cultural change for female faculty at Hopkins went on to a banner decade at the helm of the University of Texas Medical Branch.
Learning Curve
The challenges of "Frequent fliers."
By Dan Munoz, '04
Giving patients the human touch.
By Dean/CEO
Edward D. Miller, M.D.
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