Spring/Summer 2002
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Top Story
One-Track Mind
Steve Sisson is making his mark at Hopkins as a top teacher. Yet, unless the paper he's written about his curriculum is accepted for publication, he can't be promoted. He's now trying for the seventh time to make that happen.

By Mary Ann Ayd

The Anals of Hopkins
For nearly a century, denizens of the animal house known as the Pithotomy Club showed that medical students can be as raunchy as the next guy.
By Janet Farrar Worthington

My Father's Daughter
A medical student speculates on her own physician-father's inattention to the disease that is killing him.
By Lara Devgan

Beaming Out Tumors
We can deliver higher radiation doses and still produce fewer side effects, says the chairman of the newest department on campus.
By Mary Ellen Miller

Medical Updates Campus News
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome … Seeing in the Brain … Saga of a Birth Defect … Defying Menopause … Consultation: John Freeman … Is It a Heart Problem? … Bone Marrow Transplant … Fat Bodies … Better Outlook for Liver Cancer … Remodeling the Heart When Surgery Fails … Matchmaker … Queen of the OR … New Black Bag … Top Fund-Raiser … HIPAA: Just Plain Dumb … To Save a Million Lives … The Envelope, Please … Minority Report … Joel Gallant Plays Dear Abby … Do Hospital Rounds Work? … Mice and More Mice
Post Op The Learning Curve
Thoughts From the Dean.
Overhauling Medical School
By Edward D. Miller, M.D. and David Nichols, M.D.
Ruminations on life as a medical student..
Home Alone
By Dan Munoz
Edward D. Miller, M.D. and David Nichols, M.D. Dan Munoz