Winter 2001


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I Never Imagined

By Henry Seidel

Henry Seidel looks back on the pleasures and the pathos of shepherding a generation of medical students toward their M.D.'s

April 1968 was a fractious time for me and for the nation. I had just left the private practice of pediatrics to take a faculty position at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Medical and Surgical Center. President Lyndon Johnson, responding to student unrest and national ambivalence with the war in Vietnam, announced his decision not to run for another term. Four days later Martin Luther King was assassinated. Baltimore was gray, the sky was gray, and the National Guard patrolled the streets close by the Hospital. Then, an unexpected phone call gave a nudge to my professional life.

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A Quarter Century of Stories from Hopkins Medicine

Richard Ross may not even have realized it, but when he begat Hopkins Medical News he created a history. Twenty-five years later, a trip through the magazine reads like a pageant full of drama and intrigue and colorful characters.

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