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March 26, 2010

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patient safety

Checklist Saves Lives

pronovost on CNNThousands die annually from hospital infections. In this interview with Peter Pronovost, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta explores how a simple checklist is changing things. Watch video

health and diet

Take Two Carrots and Call Me in the Morning

Carrot illustrationEating the right foods and spices could go a long way toward staving off everything from gut ailments to cancer, say Hopkins experts. They share their tips for stocking a health-promoting pantry. Read story

Basic Science

Stepping Ahead in Stem Cell Research

researcherWhile it’s only one of many research areas being pursued at Johns Hopkins Medicine, stem cell research is making great strides in many labs across campus. Full story | Watch video

Nobel Prize

Carol Greider Shares 2009 Nobel Prize

Carol GreiderCarol Greider was a 25-year-old graduate student studying fragments of a pond creature when she established herself as one of the world’s pioneering researchers.

nobel medalHer interest was basic: How do chromosomes — the strands of DNA that contain genes – maintain themselves? Her focus was keen: She concentrated on the tiny caps on chromosome ends, important tip-structures known as telomeres. Full story | Watch video

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Pediatric neurosurgery

A Diagnosis, a Doctor and Deliverance

Steven McDonoughTeenager Steven McDonough was diagnosed with a tumor in his spinal cord. Along with his doctor, Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon George Jallo, Steven and his mother share their story. Watch video

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