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blank2009 Editions Online
21st November 2009
Prized Curiosity
Carol Greider’s inquisitive nature and tenacity helped her win a Nobel, despite a learning disability.
21st October 2009
Skyrocketing Survey
The Pediatric ED sets an example for boosting employee engagement.
21st September 2009
A 21st Century Approach to Medical Education
The School of Medicine’s new curriculum emphasizes personalized care.
Swap July 2009
A Swap for a Co-worker
Employees from human resources and facilities come together for a kidney paired donation.
Towline June 2009
Working on the Towline
A tour of Hopkins’ back-of-the-house operations reveals a hidden underworld.
Melting Pot May 2009
Across the Age Divide
How a melting pot of generational differences is shaping nursing.
E.Miller-R.Peterson April 2009
How Healthy is Hopkins?
As the recession continues, leadership discusses the state of the hospital and medical school.
Pretto March 2009
Down But Not Out
Hopkins opens employment doors for the homeless.
February 2009 February 2009
Building Progress
As the skin goes up on the new clinical towers, construction stays on schedule.
blank2008 Editions Online
December 2008 December 2008
Music for Musing During the Holidays
An oncology nurse finds his own way to bring comfort and support to patients.
November 2008 November 2008
With the advent of an economic crisis, Dome has a candid conversation with Johns Hopkins Medicine’s chief financial officer.
May 2008 October 2008
The Hopkins Employee Next Door
Live Near Your Work grants are reinvigorating East Baltimore neighborhoods.
May 2008 September 2008
A Balm for Employees’Aches and Pains
Bad cough? Itchy rash? For relief, stop by the new Employee Health & Wellness Center
May 2008 July 2008
Hopkins Legal
Physicians aren’t the only people carrying beepers around the clock.
May 2008 June 2008
Ties That Bind
John and Andrew Cameron’s mutual admiration for surgery, Johns Hopkins—and each other.
May 2008 May 2008
Steering Them Through the Maze
Patient navigators help the underserved decode health care’s bureaucracy.
April 2008 April 2008
Dress Rehearsal
The Simulation Center will give “medical practice” a whole new meaning.
March 2008 March 2008
A Memorable Month on the Wards
By cutting residents’ patient load in half, Bayview is allowing young doctors to dig more deeply into their patients’ lives.
February 2008 February 2008
Wellness Partners
As more employees seek help managing their health, Healthy@Hopkins steps up.
blank2007 Editions Online
December 2007 December 2007
To Catch a Thief
Using surveillance cameras, the Web and some eager “detectives,” Corporate Security is solving high-profile crimes. The department is also launching a text-messaging system for emergencies.
November 2007 November 2007
Moving in the MICU
The hospital’s sickest patients are benefiting from less sedation and more physical rehabilitation therapy.
October 2007 October 2007
Wowing Them
Hopkins Hospital will receive a prestigious national award for improving its patient satisfaction scores.
September 2007 September 2007
Pool of Support
A scheme to create Hopkins' own computer consultants results in more than IT savvy.
June 2007 July 2007
Top Priority
Steering families through the health-care maze, a cadre of case managers transcends traditional medical care for low-income families
June 2007 June 2007
Honoring Abeloff
A fitting tribute heralds the end of an era, as the director of the Kimmel Cancer Center steps down.
May 2007

May 2007
A Critical Calling
Nursing practice at its best on a busy intensive care unit.

April 2007 Special scholarships have brought us some of the nation’s top minority medical students. Two reflect on the difference they’ve made.
March 2007
March 2007
True Champions
Five hospital social workers reflect on their profession’s dramatic transformation.
February 2007
February 2007
My Oh My Oh Maya!
Celebrated writer Maya Angelou dazzled her audience at the 25th MLK tribute.

2006 Editions Online
Carol Greider
December 2006
Five Precious Gifts
Hopkins makes medical history with a 10-person domino transplant.
Carol Greider When the Lifeline helicopter transports the sick, life can hang in the balance.
Carol Greider A Lasker Award—a.k.a. the “American Nobel”—goes to one of our own.
He grew up poor, south of the border. Now he’s a neurosurgeon, bent on finding a cure for brain cancer.
You saw the movie; now learn more about its truths and untruths from our own Leonardo authority.
June 2006
Mixing It Up
A bold initiative fosters diversity across Johns Hopkins Medicine.
Med students hone their observational skills in the gallery.
The new rotoclave turns red-bag medical waste green.
March 2006
Balancing Act
Mixing medical training with family life is doubly difficult when both parents are doctors or doctors-to-be.
February 2006
Grace Under Fire
To save children, Hopkins turns up the heat on Maryland’s energy policy.

2005 Editions Online
Our Columbia cousin is adding on.
November 2005
¡Hola Hopkins!
Baltimore’s burgeoning Latino community arrives on the scene.
A team of 13 joined Maryland emergency workers to aid a Katrina-ravaged community.
September 2005
The Master Planners
Meet the minds behind what is arguably the most significant hospital construction project in the country.
July-August 2005
Walk This Way
For thousands of employees and visitors, parking patterns are about to change.
Residents are relocating. Shovels will soon be in the ground. Baltimore’s new Eastside is starting to take shape at last.
Genetic counselors help us grasp our biological destiny.
In the wake of the tsunami, a nurse and her daughter aided survivors.
Cases don’t get much more complex than they are at Johns Hopkins. No one knows that better than the physicians themselves.
February 2005
Superman, M.D.
S.B. Lee, a former Olympic hopeful, is quadriplegic. He’s also chief resident in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

2004 Editions Online
The Imagine Campaign boosts the JHM profile beyond Baltimore.
As part of a broad safety initiative, meetings get the ax.
October 2004
Teamwork Times Two
From all corners of the hospital, people came together in a heroic, days-long effort to separate conjoined twins.
A summer program attracts minority medical students to the field.
How a nurse’s hunch led to a new level of safety for patients nationwide.
On its 10th birthday, Hopkins’ first suburban outpatient center plans to add more space and specialists.
The result is a complete clash of cultures... and a captivating film.
The JH Health System receives $3 million for
career development.
Thanks to Joe Coppola, a stroll on campus is now a walk in the park.
February 2004
Fever Pitch
The flu hits hard, and Hopkins fights back—with the fundamentals.

2003 Editions Online
December 2003
Safe Strategies
Hopkins Hospital’s new patient safety coordinator, Lori Paine, is on a critical mission.
November 2003
Nobel Prize Glory
In October, Peter Agre, a professor of biological chemistry and medicine at the School of Medicine, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
October 2003
Residency Rules
A cultural shift is afoot as teaching hospitals adjust to the 80-hour workweek for residents.
September 2003
Triple-Swap Transplant
Hopkins surgeons caught the public’s attention this past summer when they performed what is believed to be the first three-way, paired kidney swap.
July 2003
The economy may be in a slump, but the baby business at Howard County General Hospital is alive and kicking.
The Children’s Center looks to parents for help in keeping little patients safe.
A dynamic service excellence effort is under way in Admitting and Registration.
April 2003
Making the Grade
Hospital report cards ultimately may determine where patients go for care.
ED physician Christina Catlett tells why she will soon be rolling up a sleeve for the smallpox inoculation.
The employee satisfaction survey is right around the corner. It’s time again to make your mark.

2002 Editions Online
December 2002
Only in America!
A couple from Romania sold everything and came to Baltimore to pursue a better life. Hopkins was lucky enough to find them.
November 2002
Spreading Their Wings
A new breed of philanthropist is sweeping the country, and Hopkins women who’ve joined the movement understand why.
October 2002
Wax On, Wax Off
Their work gets walked on every day, but the producers of Hopkins’ floor show take it in stride.
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians view terrorism as a matter of primary concern.
July 2002
Nerve Central
A much-needed expansion of the neuroscience critical care unit ushers in the latest technology and a new spirit of collaboration.
At his post. While Rod Toney goes about quietly doing his job, a few people have noticed how well he nurtures young people.
Some share a profession, some don’t. Some meet for lunch, others rarely see each other. Whatever the case, mothers who share their workplace with a child can’t conceal their pride.
Mistakes happen. In the case of medical errors, finger pointing doesn't solve much. Only fixing the underlying systems will get to the root of the problem.
With emergency departments across the country seeing record numbers of patients, creative approaches are buying valuable evaluation time.
At the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center there are no gimmicks and no promises of overnight miracles. Just the tailored, well-rounded approach to dieting you’ve hungered for.
Tucked quietly inside Bayview’s oldest building is a unique drug treatment program that’s breaking the cycle of addiction and poverty.


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