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Doug's Office Number: (410) 502-2850

Lab Number: (410) 502-4905

Doug's Email Address: dnr@jhmi.edu

If you are interested in helping support our research enterprise or our Summer Academic Research Experience (SARE) program for disadvantaged Baltimore youth, please contact Doug (dnr@jhmi.edu) or Geminesse Johnson, Associate Director of Development, Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences (gjohns45@jhmi.edu).


Summer 2014

We welcome Mariya Pantyukhina, an Art as Applied to Medicine Masters Student, who will complete her thesis project with us.

We have enjoyed having summer students Paige Anders and SARE Scholar Christopher Miller in our group this summer.

We welcome Pharmacology student, Brian Woolums, who is joining as a co-mentee between Tom Lloyd, Charlotte Sumner, and our lab.

We welcome BCMB student, Eric Schiffhauer, who is joining our lab for his doctoral research.

We welcome Corrine Kliment who will begin her research fellowship with us in July.

New publications have been added!

About the Department of Cell Biology

JHU Cell Biology Christmas blooper video from the Robinson Lab!

News from our Summer Academic Research Experience (SARE) Program

2014: A story of "full circle" inspiration

2013: Knocking down the ivory tower

2013: Gift of science, gift of self

2013: Lab coats are summer gear for high school researchers

2012: High schoolers to show off their summer research.

2011: Summer scholars celebrate first high school graduates

2010: The Robinson Lab participates in the Extreme Makeover Construction of the Girls' House.

In the press

Cells’ ‘Molecular Muscles’ help them sense and respond to their environments

Potentially big implications for cancer control

The Shape-shifting Mechanics of Cells

Dividing Cells “Feel” Their Way Out of Warp

See what our Art as Applied to Medicine students can do

by Hannah Ahn by Samantha Welker

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